Special Occasion Package

Choose any 5 special occasions (first day of school, Christmas, birthdays, etc) for your child to receive their special letter from their fairy!


Once a Month Fairy Love

Your child will receive one personalized letter per month from their fairy.  In it, they can exchange spells, the month’s events, questions, pictures, etc.

September – June


Unlimited Fairy Pen Pal Action!

Your child will receive the gift of a fairy letter as often as the postal service will allow! 
If your child is having a busy month, two letters will still arrive no matter what, BUT  the more
they write, the more letters they will receive!

September - June


Melissa and Sue are super duper excited about our program called Fairy Pen Pals: a fun, exciting, and personal way to keep the magic alive while your little fairy friend is away from summer camp.


In a time where snail mail is a lost art, a personalized letter from their very own fairy will bring smiles and joy to your child's days.  We encourage the kids to write back so their relationship with their fairy continues to grow!  Fairy Pen Pals will ensure your child always has a friend they can turn to, assist in making their imagination explode and will encourage their creative writing skills.