Our Story

Upon their first meeting 10 years ago, Melissa + Sue knew that if they could find a way to collaborate their talents - magic would occur. 
And boy oh boy, were they right!  The result was a multi faceted business that brings the love of creativity,

adventure and imagination to the youth of LA.

Known primarily for their magical fairy-inspired day camps, Melissa + Sue’s Fairy Camp LA is built on the curiosity and wonder found
within a child’s imagination.  With fairy notes, magical friends, songs, dance, science and a boatload of fun,
Fairy Camp LA celebrates childhood in a safe, nurturing, and silly environment.

Melissa + Sue’s ideas continued to blossom and as a result more magic sparked!  Fairy Pen Pals is a unique and customized letter writing program
where your child can exchange letters with their very own fairies.  The women also started LAFF club - a weekly meeting with
pre teen girls designed to be a safe space to discuss social, global and personal issues.  Melissa + Sue’s ‘host a camp’ program
allows you to organize a day or week of camp in your own backyard on any theme you choose.  The business also brings
magic to your child’s birthday parties - organizing everything from decorations, crafts, songs and more!

And now, they are pleased to bring you their latest project, Fairy Camp at Home. 
They hope this will help to continue many magical adventures with kids all over the world!

Melissa Green has always loved working with kids.  She was teaching preschool in NYC in 2003 when she was inspired by her students to write kids songs.  For the past 16 years, Melissa has been performing with her band, teaching private music playgroups for families, leading cooking classes for kids and most recently has trained to be Postpartum Doula for foster/adoptive families.  She also has created an intention setting dance class for grown-ups called "Heart + Soul Dance." 
Melissa lives in Glendale with her wife and 2 sons.


Sue Bell has passion for imagination, curiosity and education has led her on many amazing adventures. Originally hailing from Canada, Sue has taught all over the world including China, where she created an international curriculum that marries the importance of education with the excitement and wonderment of being a child.  Sue brought this same philosophy when she moved to LA in 2008 and started her preschool, Giggles and Grass Stains.  Sue has also teamed up with Dr. Charlotte Swanson and has been teaching science classes. Sue lives in Lake Arrowhead with her family and tiny dog.